About Us

When you need a car the last place you want to go to is a dealership! That's right...you do everything else conveniently from the comfort of home, over the phone, or online. Why should this be any different? Why deal with phony ads that promise "zero down" or ridiculous prices that are only there to get you in the door? And the salespeople who scribble on a pad only to come back with numbers that just end up sending you back to the starting point.

Look no further! The leasing or buying a vehicle experience just got easier! We at CRUZE AUTO are here to save you from your previous experiences and show you the stress free, enjoyable, and most of all QUICK way to get yourself into a brand new car/truck quick enough to get you to work and your kids to school in a new car the very next day!

You can call us anytime and our professional but friendly staff will listen to your needs and get you into the vehicle to fit your needs and budget without sales tactics to intimidate you and send you elsewhere. We are knowledgeable about the auto industry and can even suggest the perfect vehicle if youre just too overwhelmed to make a decision. We only deal with FIXED pricing to ensure that you hear only ONE LOW PRICE from the start and that number will never change.

We also have a user-friendly website that offers simple easy to understand features like a search engine for easy access to price, model and car brands. You can view an entire vehicle inside and out and order it right from your home and no headaches navigating through a confusing website.

Next, your vehicle will be delivered straight to your door, at home or at the office, and all paperwork and exchanging your old car will be done FOR YOU. Beginning to end, the entire experience promises to be pleasant and leaving you to have an ongoing relationship with us for future leases and purchases.

*We lead the way in top sales and leases since 2008

*Our sales and leases are done through a trustworthy group of factory authorized dealers ONLY.

*We are proud to announce that 85%of our customers are repeat buyers and leasees.

*Guaranteed to save you money through low quotes, and factory rebates, that are constantly available to us which we automatically send to you.


We at CRUZE AUTO make a promise to each and every customer: to offer you our professionalism, courtesy and knowledge through our friendly staff of trained personnel with respect for your needs, your budget, and your time. We strive to maintain excellence and are committed to providing you with the best service you will find out there! You choose excellence when you CHOOSE CRUZE!!!